The Perfect Companion is a Karmic Pet

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Why Should You Choose a Karmic Yorkie?

As if Yorkies aren’t already reason enough, our Yorkshire Terriers are extremely loving and family ready. We put a lot of time and effort into our Yorkies, from the day they’re born. We make sure they’re well socialized, healthy and ready for their new families.

Perfect for Families

Our Yorkies are all ready for Happy Homes

Yorkies for Life

Over 15 Years of Experience with Yorkshire terriers

Registered with GEARegistry

All our Yorkies are Registered for Pedigree at GEARegistry

Vaccinated & Healthy

Our Puppies always receive their first Vaccinations

Safe, Professional Pet Travel

National and International Professional Pet Travel

Meet The Puppies Ready For Their New Homes

Yorkies Essential Shop

The Karmic Pet shop has all the necessities for a happy life with your Karmic Pet.

A Must-Have

An essential for when your puppy is feeling down or needs a little boost.

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