Date of Birth: August 12, 2017

Yorkie FAQ

Yorkie’s fur does not shed. They are a hypoallergenic breed which means they don’t cause any allergic reactions.

New puppies do stress when they get to their new homes’ they can lose their appetite. You can use soft food to get their appetite going again.

When puppies stress, it can cause their stool to become loose, but it should go away by itself. If you want to help the puppy, you can give it some Double Cream Plain Yogurt.

We do not recommend Teacups as a friend for young children as they are quite sensitive and get intimidated by the energy of young children.

Yes, Yorkies get along well with other dogs and people. They can be jealous if you bring home a new puppy, but they’ll get along well after some playing.

Food and water should be left out 24/7, Yorkies tend to eat small amounts at a time and if there is no food their blood sugar can drop.

Yorkies need to be bathed at least once a week and brushed daily if you plan to grow out their fur.